RiCharge Mini Station

R 6,700.00

Perfect for a small to medium flow of foot traffic, the Mini Station is a great way to attract attention, keep batteries alive and generate income. And because the owner keeps their device on them, your responsibility is close to zero.How does it work?

  • Customer asks for a charging tablet.
  • Venue takes ID / car keys / cash deposit / boarding pass as security deposit.
  • Customer can recharge with his device at his side, while he’s on the move.
  • Once done, the customer returns it and gets the deposit back.
  • Venue can offer this as a free or paid service.


Brand the devices with your company logo, social media icons or whatever gets you fired up.


– Equipped with 6 x Power Banks. Each unit holds up to 5000mAh on a full charge.
– Includes 9 cables:
– 2 x iPhone 4 cables (20cm)
– 3 x iPhone 5/6 cables (20cm)
– 4 x Samsung/ Black Berry/ Nokia cables (20cm)

Pricing excludes Branding and Transport.

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