Wireless Menu Charger

R 3,000.00

Put smart technology on your bar counters or restaurant tables with this all-in-one mobile device charger, A6 tent card holder and advertising platform. The Wireless RiCharge Menu Charger is designed to optimise space while keeping your guests powered up, connected and happy. Guests can use the retractable cables or plug in their own – and they stay with their devices, which means you don’t have to take responsibility for their property.

Includes 3 cables:
– 4 Charging Ports – 2 x 5V/1A Retractable charging cables (cable length: 650mm) 
– 1x 5V/1A charging port. 1x Qi wireless charging

Pricing excludes TAX, Branding and Transport.

Please contact us at info@RiCharge.co.za for wholesale pricing.